Cotton Therapeutics

  • 100% cotton for comfort, safety and durability
  • Better protection with antimicrobial treatment
  • 100% Made in the USA

100% Integrated US Supply Chain

100% Made in the USA! Yes, these products are all designed, produced and manufactured right here in the US. This means the cotton is grown in the US, the yarn is spun is the US, the fabric is woven in the US and the final product is cut and sewn in the US. We are creating US jobs and supporting US manufacturering.

Antimicrobial Protection

Antimicrobial fabric technology is another layer of protection that can be used with both medical apparel and everyday essentials. FTC Cotton Therapeutic products will be powered with PROTX2AV® which is an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria and has been shown in lab tests to destroy viruses.


Cotton is naturally breathable, strong, versatile and safe. It makes better products including medical apparel and scrubs for those who need to wear them regularly and for long periods of time. All Field to Closet products are made with 100% US cotton which is responsibly grown following industry standards for sustainability and environmentally friendly.

Improving Farmer’s Lives

A cornerstone to all Field to Closet initiatives is the Certified Farmer Give-back. Through this one of a kind program, profits from the sale of products are shared with the US cotton grower ensuring a greater equity in the supply chain.