Certified Farmer Give-back

Making Farmer’s Lives Better

The farmer who grew the cotton for a Field to Closet product will share in a portion of the profits through the Certified Farmer Give-back program ensuring a more equitable supply chain.

Multi-Generational Impact

Grown throughout the US by many multi-generational families, cotton is a vibrant part of American farming  and critical to the overall US economy.  However, farmers have not shared in the profitability of the products until now!

One of Kind Program

The Field to Closet program is very unique and is the first of its kind in the marketplace.  It offers the opportunity for brands/retailers to differentiate their apparel and home textile programs from those of their competitors and allow consumers to participate in supporting our US farmers.

The Cost is Nominal

Yes, there is a nominal premium on the cost of goods but the economic impact is significantly greater for the US cotton grower.