Naturally Sustainable

It’s In Our Nature
  • US grown cotton is responsibly produced
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Decomposition begin within a week
  • Comes from nature, returns to nature

American grown cotton is responsibly Produced

US farmers are committed to protecting the environment and use standards set by such programs such as Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), US Cotton Trust Protocol and/or Cotton LEADS to create trust in their production.

The real facts from cotton leads:

  • Land use has decreased by 31%
  • Irrigation water use has decreased by 82%
  • Energy use has decreased by 38%
  • Greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by 30%
  • Soil loss has decreased by 44%

To find out more about how the industrial cotton industry is working to protect the environment, please go here: or see the



As support for sustainability continues to grow, so does the need for everyone to better understand what “sustainability” truly means for the products we buy and use. Today, there a growing number of methods including soil and DNA mapping for US farmers to provide traceability and accountability.

Environmentally friendly

Cotton is 100% biodegradable, begins to decompose rapidly and returns to nature once its’ life cycle is complete.