Premium american grown cotton

US cotton growers in the Field To Closet programs are leaders in sustainable farming practices and must adhere to strict sustainability standards which are measured and verified through industry accepted programs including Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) , Cotton LEADS, and/or US Cotton Trust Protocol. Click on these links to learn more:,,

American Grown cotton

U.S. growers in the Field to Closet programs adhere to one or many strict industry sustainability standards.
Deltapine and Deltapine Select are used exclusively for the Field to Closet program and offer premium quality at a price less than Pima or Australian cotton. Learn more about Deltapine
Cotton Matrix q2 2019

Evolution of u.s. upland cotton staple length

What makes this cotton unique from designers’, brands’ and retailers’ perspective?
  • The new Deltapine seed varieties produce Upland cotton that can be spun into 40s, 50s, and 60s count yarns.
  • The fabric quality produced from this cotton make it suitable for use in higher price-point products.
  • The quality of this cotton makes it possible to complete or exceed the performance of it’s man made counterparts.
  • Our farmers craft our cotton in nature versus its man made counterparts manufactured in a lab.