Ted Scheider "Scheider Farming Partnership"

A candid interview with Ted Scheider of “Scheider Farming Partnership”

Ted and his family farm 3600 acres in Lake Providence, LA: an area rich in soil and a history of farming. Lake Providence is in the Northern region of Lousiana, close to southern Arkansas, which has a good climate for cotton.

Ted was raised in a farming family in the area and went on to Louisiana State University in banking.

“It only took me 3 years to realize that those 4 walls of a bank were closing in on me. I knew then that I needed to get back outside and back to my roots.”

When asked about what it is like to work in the elements everyday: Ted feels “that when you look at the beauty of nature, it is awesome to see that everyday… the ecology of this part of the country.”

When asked about why he likes growing cotton: “Cotton is fun to grow because of all of the challenges: there is no set formula for the crop, every day is different.”

When asked what he thought 2 of his biggest challenges in being a cotton farmer in the US currently: “First, maintaining the demand for cotton is important, and second, the public perception can be challenging. There is a skewed perception of how we treat the environment and our land. 97% of all cotton growers are family farms, who care for their land and soil.”

—Ted Schneider is currently the President of the Cotton Council International.— For more information on Cotton Council International –>www.CottonUSA.org