Cotton that cares.

Together with like-minded brands, retailers and manufacturers, Field to Closet and Deltapine® Brand Cotton are stitching a better way forward. For our growers. For our industry. For our planet.

With Field to Closet,
brands and retailers support:


We use Deltapine® Brand Cotton, an industry leader for more than 100 years. Premium, proven, incredibly soft and durable, this iconic American seed brand is widely respected as one of the best cottons in the world.

Premium quality.

Since 1915, Deltapine® has been known for fiber innovation and working with growers to ensure high yield and top quality.


Our Field to Closet growers are also members of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, to ensure the execution of industry best practices through the use of the most sustainable techniques within the supply chain.

A history of innovation.

Through unmatched investment in biotechnology research, grower feedback, and rigorous testing, we continue to improve for yield and fiber quality, while supporting key regenerative farming practices.


Committed to producing the most efficient, sustainable and premium cotton in the world, Field to Closet’s growers are know for their innovation, ethical environmental stewardship and positive impact on their communities.

Certified Grower Giveback.

The Certified Grower Givebacks rewards Field to Closet growers for their efforts to cultivate high-quality fiber by giving them a more equitable distribution of profits. That financial giveback makes a real impact, and it provides participating brands a unique and meaningful offering to their consumers.

A better

We believe that cotton makes a big impact on the world. For growers. For communities. For our environment. We’re on a mission to make an impact and want you to join us.

Naturally and intentionally sustainable.

A naturally sustainable fiber grown within industry best practices for sustainability and environmental impact is good for the world.

Saving on emissions with the right supply chain.

Our efforts to nearshore across the supply chain when possible means reduced emissions across the globe.

Building meaningful communities.​

We’re helping communities thrive through our Certified Grower Giveback and an increasingly nearshore supply chain.

We build programs with brands and retailers that care.