We believe that every
stitch makes a statement.

It began
with a vision.

Our founders spent decades in the cotton business and created Field to Closet to bridge the gap between the grower, industry, and the end consumer. They believed that like-minded people working together could develop a system that would increase demand for high quality cotton fiber produced sustainably, reward growers for their innovation and commitment, support growing communities and result in a marketing advantage for brands and retailers that were part of this ecosystem.

Which grew
over time.

With consumers more conscious than ever about what they buy, the time is right for Field to Closet. Uniquely, it ties environmental sustainability standards in with a Certified Grower Giveback, which rewards growers for their innovation and commitment to industry best practices.

Where we are
at today.

Field to Closet has brought this innovative vision to life throughout the entire supply chain, truly connecting all partners into a sum that has become far greater than the parts.

Our ethics are non-negotiable.
Our commitment is unrelenting.

Our programs.

We are proud to partner with Seeds II Seams, which works to bring jobs back to America, and create new opportunities for rural communities while making sustainable products with a unique, 100% American supply chain.
Together with America Knits, we created a 100% American-made cotton medical scrub. Grown, ginned, spun and sewn within a small geographic footprint, these scrubs are demonstrating the power of U.S. cotton.

In collaboration with Covered in Cotton, we donate 100% American-cotton, American-made blankets to children’s hospitals in the United States, helping to support and build communities across the Cotton Belt.

We build programs with brands and retailers that care.